About Us

The Snoderly family at ABC Countertops in Toledo, Ohio, cares about providing your family with the best materials for a beautiful but functional home. Bradley, Anita and Ashley love spending time together in their kitchen and want you to enjoy the same pleasures! We are down to earth and easy to talk to because we want to understand exactly how to help each of our customers personally.
Our business stands out for the following reasons:

  • We know most of our customers by name.
  • We provide great customer service including educational materials.
  • We give toys, crayons and coloring books to kids at our special events.

At ABC Countertops, we want you to feel at home on every level. Our core principles of aesthetics and beauty in countertops are as fundamental to us as A-B-C. To learn more about our outstanding countertop replacement services in Toledo, Ohio, contact ABC Countertops now!